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FinTech Spotlight Interview: Erin Fonté

Published onFeb 16, 2017
FinTech Spotlight Interview: Erin Fonté

“Technology is value neutral, and it’s all about how it’s used.” FinTech panelist and Texas attorney, Erin Fonté, expressed her insight on the growing age of technology and its impact in the legal arena.  The Stanford Law 2002 graduate always knew she wanted to focus on technology, along with her interest for policy and regulations.  Fonté has based her practice on helping clients with general banking questions and online/mobile fintech startups, not to mention helping retail clients like Whataburger with their innovative app to introduce mobile payment and loyalty/rewards features.  Fonté’s work has her constantly learning about technological developments like block chain technology to keep up with the quickly-changing and evolving banking and financial technology space.

Fonté believes that the crucial issue facing legal practitioners in the future is the proliferation of data.  The use of artificial intelligence and things that are used to replace humans, such as automated bank tellers and cars that drive themselves, is what seems to be driving business spending and development these days.  This is strong evidence that the knowledge profession is going to change, however, there will always be a need for human judgment.  This is why Fonté is firm in her statement that technology is value neutral, and how people that use it is what matters today.

Erin Fonté is an attorney at Dykema Cox Smith in Austin, Texas with broad areas of practices such as; Privacy, Data Security, E-Commerce, Cybersecurity, Technology & Outsourcing Transactions, Government Policy & Practice, Telecommunications Regulatory, Intellectual Property Litigation, and Cannabis Law.  Fonté received a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1995 and her J.D. from Stanford Law School in 2002.  She is currently admitted to practice law in the states of California and Texas. You can follow her on Twitter: @PaymentsLawyer

Maria Pigna is a second year law student at Wake Forest University School of Law.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Spanish, and a minor in Public Leadership from the University of Florida.  Upon graduation, she intends to pursue a career in the area of corporate and international law. 

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