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Symposium Spotlight: Professor Cat Moon

Published onMar 02, 2019
Symposium Spotlight: Professor Cat Moon

Professor Caitlin “Cat” Moon comes to us from Vanderbilt University School of Law and will be speaking on the Legal Design panel at our Spring Symposium: Lawyering in the Future: Impact of Technology on the Law

Professor Moon is scholar in the field of legal design. Her professional experience centers around bringing a “human-centered design perspective” into the legal profession. She serves as the Director of Innovation Designat Vanderbilt Law School. Professor Moon has developed an “interactive” curriculum to inspire innovation within the legal profession by focusing on helping lawyers and legal practitioners adapt to the rapid advance of both technology and design.

Vanderbilt actually has a special department called the Program on Law and Innovation, which is dedicated to informing both its students and the larger legal community about the impact the advancement of technology and design has had on the practice of law in America. Professor Moon serves as a Director of Vanderbilt’s Program on Law and Innovation Institute (PoLI), which is a smaller group under the umbrella of the larger PoLI program that goes out and teaches legal professionals and scholars about the importance of integrating technology into their law practices and studies. She also helped co-discover Vanderbilt’s Summit on Law and Innovation as a part of the program. 

Symposium attendees can expect an engaging conversation from Professor Moon about how technological advancements are altering the management of legal practices in the US. Based on her roles at Vanderbilt and her professional experience, the audience can expect Professor Moon to discuss both legal innovation and entrepreneurship, and how these concepts are being influenced by the advancement and development of new technologies.

Professor Moon will be able to provide an insightful perspective on how lawyers can adapt their careers and change their practices to be concurrent with the advancement of technology and data computation that is rapidly infiltrating the legal system. She will likely provide us, as law students and soon-to-be legal practitioners, with a set of practical tools to embrace the changing legal landscape and add value to whatever legal practice or professional endeavor we engage in.

Professor Moon’s professional experience and dedication to fostering education surrounding the evolution of the legal landscape resulting from the development of new technologies promises to spark an exciting presentation about how we can become successful lawyers of the future and thrive as our society makes strides in its technological development.

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